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A Fern Lodge Wedding; Guide to Wedding Services

For your convenience, we have assembled this listing of local vendors. We recognize that each wedding is a unique experience and each couple has their own individual styles. Therefore, all decisions and agreements are between you and the vendor of your choice.


Adirondack Arrangements – (Wevertown) Patricia 518-251-2422
Finishing Touches (Bolton Landing) 518-644-3411
Aloha Florist (Warrensburg) 518-623-2261


James McLaughlin 518-792-5175
Curt Austin 518-494-9994
Jason Hupe 518-248-7217


Silhouette Art on Video Brett Wasserman 518-464-0364


SpaCity Duo (Violin and Cello)  518-461-8470
Ray Alexander  518-761-6060
Solo/Duo/Band Mikki Bakken 518-893-7495
Harpist Elizabeth Meriwether Huntly 518-893-7495
Classical Guitarist Stan Yngvar Isachse 518-439-1216
Rich Ortiz (Solo Guitarist)  518-791-0056
Mitch Frasier (Solo Guitarist) 518-399-5507


Judge McDermott (Chestertown) 518-494-3133
Rev Sharon Sauer Episcopal Minister 518-499-1826 (Please leave a message here- do not call the church)
Judge Mindy Fisk (Warrensburgh) 518-623-4416
Judge Nissen (Warrensburgh) 518-623-9942
Judge Vincent Schiavone (North Creek) 518-251-5120
Rev Joy Burke 518-583-4668, 212-586-9674
Reverend Patrice Marie 954-260-4891


Marriage License Town of Chester Town Hall 518-494-2711
Town of Johnsburg Town Hall 518-251-5120
Hair Stylists/Nails/Makeup Trimmers, North Creek 518-251-0815
Hair Stylists/Nails/Makeup Sagamore Style, Bolton Landing 518-644-3147
Hair Stylists/Nails/Makeup Off The Top, Brant Lake 518-494-3813
Limousines/Shuttles/Buses Brant Lake Taxi 518-494-2507
Tuxedo Rental Jonathon Reid/Debbie 518-793-9171
Favors/Chocolate Truffles Barkeater Chocolates 518-251-4438
Favors/Maple Syrup-Maple candy Toad Hill Maple Farm, Randy and Jill Galusha 518-623-2272
Favors/Napkin Holders Rustic chairs 866-567-5472
Wedding Cakes Café Sarah, North Creek 518-251- 5959
Rentals (tents, tables, chairs) Nick’s Tents 800-313-3672
Rentals (plates, glasses, tablecloths) Allerdice 518-584-0002


OP Fredericks, Bob Fredericks great BBQ, and other selections 518-494-4141
barVino fine eclectic dining Anna or Kevin 518-251-0199
Inn at Gore Mountain, Susan Minucci 518-251-2111
Rainers Gourmet  518-745-5463
Samantha’s Catering 518-792-5839
Deliciously Different Foods 518-681-1926

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